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Plants Orchestra

Interactions with the floral world


In the beginning, there is water. There always is.

Water running through a network between roots and leaves.

Each cell contorting and reshaping to pass on a protein to the next.

Micro-energy and molecules friction create a hiss, a vibration.

A frequency.

What we hear is photosynthesis.

That’s when human steps in.

Every micro vibration has a frequency of its own.

Like each music note has its frequency.

A ‘C’ (French ‘do’) vibrates at 16.3 Hz.

A ‘D’ (French ‘ré’) vibrates at 18.3 Hz.

And so on.

A microprocessor will translate the plant’s vibrations

into a numerical instrument.

Can a pan flute translate amino acids ?

At first it is a mess. Music notes are scattered, just as musicians

tunning in their instruments before a concert.

And slowly, magic prevails : plants are responding to one an-

other. Harmonizing amongst each other.

To a point where all orchestra’s plants’ vibrations seem

to adjust and synchronize into a melody.

Do plants have some kind of consciousness of their

environment ? Are they interacting with it ? With

purpose ? In a timeline that is understandable by

man ?

These plants are trying to achieve some kind of

harmony. Reaching out for a sort of spontaneous


The Plants Orchestra is my latest work.My aims are to :

1) remove the instrument translator of the equation

2) record and listen to any sort of pattern in the music

3) measure the impacts of external stimulations

4) stimulate communications amongst the plants and with

their environment

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