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Consulting and Experimentation Laboratory

Our mission

EXPLORE new fields.

CREATE resilient disruptions for tomorrow’s world.

SHARE visions of the present in light of the future.

What is a Symbionaut?

Symbionaut means the explorer of symbiosis.

Oriented towards a future of possibilities, it is building the next civilizational revolution: biomimicry.

Nature has 4.5 billion years of innovation ahead of us.

We have everything to learn from it.

The Symbionaut experiences multi-disciplinarity, creates spaces between impossible and possible, shares his vision of the world as a basis for questioning the world of tomorrow.

Who are we ?

We are polymaths, inspired by the great thinkers and architects of humanity, such as Leonardo da Vinci.

Nourished by the complexities of the world, we support its metamorphosis.

Biology, design, physics, arts, music, body expressions, industry, architecture, biomimicry…

Everything is open. Everything is curiosity.

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