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Enhanced Fashion

What if fashion could be grown ?


Growing fashion, largely harvested like crop or purposeful like creating a sense of inner peace or socialization.

What if we apply a hydrating cream in the morning that can become a UV barrier t-shirt within instants ?


For centuries, fashion has shaped countries, it has been a powerful communication tool, revealing or hiding bodies, religion, social ranks, it has created gender boundaries and has nowadays become a purveyor of mindfulness.

Meanwhile, other crafts are turning to a biological design omen. In a world where the repercussions of fashion on Nature are very much challenged, what would Nature’s impact on fashion be ?

Through the analysis of taste and smell, I studied the possible benefits of implementing bioactive design within fashion practice.

The purpose of this research was to investigate in what way fashion inspired by smell and taste can help connect people with each other without any technological moderator.


Activating production of endorphins, especially oxytocins known as the social hormone, smell and taste are subtle apparatus to share intimacy, channel deep memories and emotions, bond with

each other and the environment.

Without any stitching nor pattern making, and using only sugar, lavender and vanilla pods, a sensual interactive fashion collection of three artifacts, engaging smell and taste was designed and


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